West Michigan Live Camera Gallery Opportunity

Live Streaming is Booming

Since’s Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order went into effect, traffic to our live webcams has jumped over 1,000%!

People are looking for ways to safely explore and engage from home, and we’ve gotten some great coverage for our live camera gallery from Pure Michigan, the Detroit Free Press, and more.

Get a live webcam installed at your property now, and don’t make any payments until September. 

Get in touch with us at Partners@WMTA.org to get started!

Give travelers a look at what’s going on at your property through the WMTA Live Camera Gallery!

In addition to the camera gallery, WMTA will share images and time-lapse videos from your camera through our social media. Check out this recent Drummond Island Car Ferry time lapse video that had an organic reach of 5.5K+ on Facebook!