Trip Ideas

Get in the Water: Dive into awesome! Cruise our pristine lakes on a kayak or a pirate cruise, sail across the waves, and discover cool aquatic spots, both indoor and outdoor, for unforgettable adventures. 

Move Outdoors: With pristine lakeshores, sandy dunes, numerous hiking trails, and great ski resorts we are a unique and charming destination for those seeking natural beauty and adventure. Discover the joys of fishing, canoeing, or camping along rivers, golf courses, or just laying low on sandy beaches. 

Immersive Art & Culture: Enjoy our rich tapestry of culture through art, theater, dance, music, galleries, and festivals. By embracing the captivating beauty and narratives that shape our region, you’ll find that art speaks for itself. 

Cool Cities: Exploring vibrant streets, savoring delectable cuisine, or immersing yourself in the cultural vibe that makes each city incredibly unique is an ideal way to experience diversity. Seek out the historical legacies and contemporary accomplishments that fill our cities and you'll always leave wanting more. 

Small-Town Gems: Unearth the essence of West Michigan's small-town charm. Delight in hidden gems where time slows down and local flavors shine. Explore quaint shops, savor farm-to-table dining, and relish the warm hospitality of close-knit communities. From beach towns to historic cities, every street tells a story, and every visit becomes a cherished memory.

Tasting Rooms and Wine Trails: Enjoy our exquisite tasting rooms, all with their own unique story and vibe. Savor the region's finest wines, craft brews, and artisanal spirits, all while taking in the breathtaking landscapes. Vineyard-draped and hop-strewn landscapes abound and offer the perfect blend of nature and fine craftsmanship on picturesque trails.

Events & Festivals: Dive into the festive fun! From electrifying concerts to mouthwatering food trucks and colorful parades, our festivals are a non-stop party where fun knows no bounds!