Traverse City Tourism

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Traverse City Tourism

101 W. Grandview Parkway
Traverse City, MI 49684
Regions: North
Phone: (231) 947-1120
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Traverse City brings good things in life together to make a place where you feel truly comfortable and where vacations feel perfect. Here, you'll find the incredible diversity and beauty across the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. It’s where everything just comes together. Where you can go sun-up to sundown year-round. And where each day is another chance to be in a pretty great place.


Traverse City, Michigan is a Pretty Great Place

Spend your vacation in a place where everything comes together. When a drive along the coastline of West Grand Traverse Bay winds into a stroll through the downtown shopping district. Where the keepsakes, authentic cuisine and the outdoor adventures continuously remind you that you're in a pretty great place. Learn more at


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