West Michigan Tourist Association (WMTA) is excited to welcome their new Account Executive, Paula Shields, to the team.


Growing up in East Grand Rapids, MI, Paula pursued her education at Central Michigan University and Kendall College. Now, she's on the verge of earning her Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University. Paula’s career journey is as diverse as it is impressive, spanning military recruiting, construction sales, illustration, and graphic design.


In 2019, Paula took on a new challenge by enlisting in the Michigan Army National Guard. Balancing her studies, she excelled as a full-time recruiter for three years, where she developed strong leadership and sales skills. Her next move was into construction sales, where she quickly made a mark, ranking in the top 10 nationwide in 2022. This role highlighted her knack for building client relationships and the importance of face-to-face interactions.


Paula is excited to join the WMTA team to become a part of the tourism industry, build and maintain ongoing partner relationships, and to be able to serve those all across west michigan, in both the upper and lower peninsula. “I love living in Michigan because there are endless opportunities for exploration within the state. I am constantly amazed by the beauty of all four seasons, and never tire of being in the freshwater” she shared about her fondness of the West Michigan region.


“One of the things I enjoy most about being in West Michigan is the diverse array of restaurants available in the various towns. Whether you're in the mood for fresh seafood along the lakeshore, farm-to-table meals in the countryside, or international cuisine in the bustling cities, West Michigan's culinary scene never disappoints. Each town offers its own unique flavors and dining experiences, making every meal an adventure” Paula shared.


For any questions or information regarding the West Michigan Tourist Association, she can be contacted at Paula@WMTA.org or (616)240-3491.


West Michigan Tourist Association Welcomes a New Account Executive