Explore West Michigan with ease using the West Michigan Live Camera Gallery from the West Michigan Tourist Association (WMTA). You can preview different destinations or explore the region from the comfort of your home with live feeds showcasing current conditions and happenings across West Michigan. WMTA has added an exciting new live camera stream to their online gallery. A second camera has been installed by the Drummond Island Tourism Association. You can find the live stream at the following link: https://wmta.org/live-west-michigan-camera-gallery/drummond-island-west-michigan-live-camera/

The Drummond Island Tourism Association has installed this live camera at Yacht Haven. Visitors can witness people crossing the ice bridge during winter, and observe wildlife in the area. As the weather warms up, you can catch sight of boaters and, if you're lucky, the renowned Drummond Island Tall Ship Company, the Schooner Huron Jewel. Many visitors have seen the Northern Lights in this area, which is a spectacular sight to behold. The camera is currently focused on Potagannissing Bay, also known as Bootaagan-minising-wilkwed in the local Native American language of Anishinaabe, which means "Bay by the Mill Island." This bay is a popular spot for recreational boaters and offers excellent opportunities for charter fishing. Enthusiasts can reel in bass, northern pike, salmon, lake trout, perch, and walleye. With numerous islands scattered across the bay, there are endless opportunities for exploration and sightseeing, while a sheltered coastline is always accessible. 

The gallery will continue to add camera feeds, expanding the available views of the West Michigan area. Current camera feeds range from Mackinac Island to Battle Creek to Bellaire, and beyond. You can access the live West Michigan Live Camera Gallery at the following link: https://www.wmta.org/live-west-michigan-camera-gallery/.