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In Michigan, there are so many ways to celebrate and experience the fall colors. Whether you're blazing your own path along trails, taking a short road trip, or cruising in a boat to explore the vibrant color changes, you won’t want to blink during the week of September 23 - 30.

As longer, warmer days evolve to shorter, cooler ones, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan sees a vibrant change of oranges and reds in tree leaves before the rest of the state, due to its chillier temperatures. It’s said we are predicting a later-than-usual color peak this year due to warmer temperatures into September.

Although the annual fall display of color is showing only slight change, viewers to the area will find stunning scenery resulting in pops of vibrant orange, red, and yellow speckled throughout the landscape.

Heading south towards the Northwest Lower Peninsula, the trees are just starting to show a hint of color. It is estimated that the peak color change will arrive in another week or two. The communities in Michigan’s Northeast region are also at least two weeks away. In the Grand Traverse Bay area, leaves on maples are now starting to turn shades of red and yellow, while a few other tree varieties display slight gold and yellow hues. Although a few areas are reporting early change among the area’s beech and oak trees, you still have a few weeks to plan the ideal color tour!

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Fall color is still sporadic in shrubs and trees the farther south you go, with only glimpses of seasonal color. Area fields, farms, orchards, and gardens show off the season's bounty with crops, produce, flowers, and leaves changing colors. Hints of fall color are visible whether you visit cities and towns, or venture out to the great outdoor spaces along rivers, trails, backroads, and along highways.

Still, weeks from prime viewing conditions, Michigan's Southwest communities welcome visitors to see hints of color traveling along the beautiful Lake Michigan lakeshore. Fall color should be at its best from October to early November.

As summer’s heat begins to dissipate and the days grow shorter, the air turns crisp in the mornings and it reminds us that there is a season for everything. This season, walk, hike, bike, kayak, or drive to experience the beauty of autumn. Pause and take a big breath of that fall air.

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