Pentwater Historical Society

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Pentwater Historical Society

85 S. Rutledge
Pentwater, MI 49449
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The community of Pentwater Michigan, founded in 1867 by Charles Mears, is located between the Little Sable Lighthouse and the Big Sable Lighthouse on the West Michigan sunset shoreline. Pentwater lies at the outlet of the Pentwater River nestled between Pentwater Lake and the Lake Michigan shoreline. For over one hundred years the Village of Pentwater supplied a variety of natural commodities to other communities around the Great Lakes. Products fashioned from these commodities helped to sustain and enrich the lives of settlers in the area. Today that rich heritage continues. The area is rich in farming, fishing, and tourism and provides respite from the hectic life of the big cities in the Midwest. The Pentwater Historical Society, founded in 1982, was created to remind visitors and residents of the history and heritage of Pentwater and the role that the natural areas surrounding it played in evolvement of that heritage.

The original museum established by the Society was located in the lower level of the Pentwater Community Building. In 2011 the First Baptist Church of Pentwater decided to build a new building. The Pentwater Historical Society soon began negotiations to buy the Church in order to provide a larger and more comprehensive site for the Society and to upgrade the museum in order to better display the objects in its collection. The purchase of the church was a historical moment for the Pentwater community. The transformation of the church into a historical museum was a monumental task. It not only created a focal point designed to strengthen, preserve, and share the values of our community but also preserved one of the oldest historic buildings in the community.

Visit us, visit Pentwater; see the interactive displays, research our archives, view displays of a more contemporary nature that reflect history as it is being created today, explore the past present and future with us. The Museum's Grand Opening was held on May 31, 2014.

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