Maple Row Sugarhouse

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Maple Row Sugarhouse

12646 Born St
Jones, MI 49061
United States
Regions: South
Phone: (269) 816-4838
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At Maple Row Sugarhouse we are all about pure maple syrup (God's natural sweetener) and everything maple. In 2011 we made our first 5 gallons of maple syrup from the sap of 4 maple trees in front of the old farm house in Jones, Michigan. With a new found passion for pure maple syrup we now maintain several local Maple Sugar Bushes. Come maple season when the weather conditions are just right, we harvest sap from local maple trees in Southwest Michigan, bring it back to our Sugarhouse and boil it with care and family pride. Since then we've made thousands of gallons of maple syrup and shipped it to many states around the continent. It's an old fashioned sweetness available in a modern way.
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Annual Fall Color Tour

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Enjoy Maple Row Sugarhouse's Annual Color Tour
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Maple Row Sugarhouse


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