Lake Odessa Area Arts Commission

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Lake Odessa Area Arts Commission

839 4th Avenue
Lake Odessa, MI 48849
Regions: Central
Phone: (616) 755-0084
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In 1977, the Lake Odessa Village Council formally created the Lake Odessa Area Arts Commission.  Members are appointed by the Village President for three-year terms and, to the greatest extent possible, reflect diverse interests in such areas as business, theater, arts, hobbies, crafts, science and architecture, and should be representative of the whole community.  Members serve without compensation, and pursuant to village ordinance have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • To act in an advisory capacity to the village council in connection with the artistic and cultural development of the village;

  • To coordinate creativity through its assistance, scheduling and communication;

  • To sponsor and encourage cultural and educational activities in the village and its surrounding areas;

  • To act for all the people of the village area in cooperative planning, research, fundraising, public education programs, and fostering a creative atmosphere;

  • To coordinate, oversee and promote the annual Art in the Park event held within the village; and

  • To undertake such other services and programs as are deemed necessary to encourage participation in and appreciation of the arts by all citizens in the village area.

If you are interested in serving on the Arts Commission, please contact the Village Offices at (616) 374-7110.

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