Boyne City Pirate Fest

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Boyne City Pirate Fest

Boyne City, MI
United States
Regions: North
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... if sailor's tales to sailor's tunes, storm and adventure, heat and cold, if schooners, islands and maroons, buccaneers and buried gold and all the old romance retold exactly in the ancient way can please me as they pleased of old, the wiser youngsters of today, SO BE IT, and fall on! Treasure Island!

The Pirate festival where you arrr the pirates! Dress up and be parrrt of the fun! Fun fer the whole family too, with real pirate street theater, kids games and workshops, a beverarrrage tent with top notch musical entertainment, boat parrrade and landing pageant, parrrade, costume contests, treasure hunts and a pirate riverrr race, reenactment of the famous and historic Great Lakes Battle of the Boyne City VS "Sadie The Goat" and her crew of profiteers (that some say never happened) to name some of the revelry!

So join Jack Sparrow, Hook, Long John Silver and the whole lively crew fer a weekend you’ll remember fer the rest ‘o yer life!

The Festival begins Friday evening during Boyne City’s Stroll the Streets with buskers and entertainers into the night! Treasure hunt, audience participation, fun for the whole family, followed by activities in the local night life establishments. Saturday the “Announcement” at 10am, Parade at 11:00, entertainment to follow.

Community gathering in Old City Park where The Epic “Battle of the Boyne River” takes pleace!

Boat Parade and Celebration. The entire weekend is filled with great fun, with buskers, Pirates, Schooners and stage entertainment. Costumes encouraged. Sunday Brunch with the Pirates! This is also the weekend of the Annual Antique Car Show and Flea Market, Farmers Market and more! Only in Boyne City!

The legend has it that the famous Legendary female Pirate “Sadie the Goat” sailed into the Great Lakes and hid a valuable treasure of her ill-gotten gains here in the area of what was to soon become Boyne City, and that is really what brought the treasure seeking Millers to Boyne! (But you know how rumors are) However word is out on the freshwater seas, that there are treasures to be had in Boyne!

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