Bellaire Smokehouse

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Bellaire Smokehouse

508 N. Bridge St.
Bellaire, MI 49615
Regions: North
Phone: (231) 533-5069
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We are a family owned business

We have a great selection of microbrews. A full sized cooler crammed with singles and six packs of great beer, stocked by a beer snob for beer lovers. 

Our wine selection is filled with fun and interesting wines from around the world.

Smoked Fish

  • Smoked Whitefish
  • Smoked Trout
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Whitefish Pâté
  • Salmon Pâté
  • Fish Sausage

Smoked Meats

  • Beef Jerky
  • Turkey Jerky
  • Summer Sausage with and without cheese (Garlic, black & red pepper and mustard seed)
  • Beef Stick, with and without Cheese (Spicey snack stick)
  • Pizza Sausage (Motzerella cheese, pizza seasoning, pizza sauce and pepperoni seasoning)
  • Polish Sausage (traditional style with garlic, salt, pepper and marjarom)
  • Double Smoked Bacon (apple wood smoked!)
  • Smoked Pork Loin
  • Awesome Smoked Bar-B-Q Ribs (call ahead for these — quantities are often limited)!

Fresh Meats

  • New York Strip
  • Rib Eye 
  • Porterhouse 
  • Tenderloin
  • Hanger
  • Bistro Tender (clod tender)
  • Flank 
  • (all hand cut and trimmed to your specifications)  
  • Ground Beef (made with trimmings of our steaks)
  • German Bratwurst (made with real eggs and milk)
  • Greek Sausage (garlic, feta cheese and spinach)
  • Italian Sausage 

Fresh Seafood

  • Fresh Whitefish
  • Fresh Atlantic Salmon
  • Tuna Steaks
  • Extra-large Scallops
  • Jumbo Shrimp
  • plus seasonal selections

Dry Goods, Beer and Wine

  • 50+ selected micro-brews(the best selection in the area)
  • local and international wines
  • world cheeses
  • olives
  • crackers
  • sauces and jellies

We welcome special orders, party platters and gift baskets, preferably with 7-10 day notice.

And of course you can pick up a Bellaire Smokehouse hat, apron and other great merchandise!

Monday 10am to 5:30pm (summer 7pm)
Tuesday 10am to 5:30pm (summer 7pm)
Wednesday 10am to 5:30pm (summer 7pm)
Thursday 10am to 5:30pm (summer 7pm)
Friday 10am to 5:30pm (summer 7pm)
Saturday 10am to 5:30pm (summer 7pm)
Sunday 10am to 3pm