June may be winding down, but the fun is just getting started at the Gentex Street Performer  Series in Downtown Holland! Tomorrow night, the entire community is invited to experience the sights and  sounds as 25 different performing artists and groups from every background perform free for the public all  along 8th Street from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. The Street Performer Series will celebrate 20 years this summer with an exciting line-up of nearly 100 rotating performers throughout the summer, including musicians,  jugglers, balloon twisters, caricature artists, break dancers, henna tattoo artists, and more. The 2024 Street  Performer Series is proudly sponsored by Gentex Corporation in celebration of their 50th Anniversary, with  support from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council.  


With their incredible moves and their irresistible beats, it’s not surprise that the breakdancing group Floor  Fienz is one of the most popular acts in the Gentex Street Performer Series. Floor Fienz first got their start in  the Gentex Street Performer Series as the Circle Junkeez back in 2007. Then, the group was made up of  students and leaders from the local Boys and Girls Club and led by staff member Fidel Mireles. When Mireles moved away five years ago, dance Matthew Perez took over the reins, giving the group the new  name of Floor Fienz. Perez’s interest in break dancing goes back as long as he can remember. His dad and  uncles were breakdancing in the late 80’s, in the early days of the dance, while his brother also used to “pop  and lock” when Perez was younger. Today, Floor Fienz meets at Escape Ministries to encourage and  support the youth involved in the program. 


“As crew, we really enjoy sharing our dance floor kids and adults who want to show off their own dance  moves,” Perez said, “It’s more than a dance. For most of the breaking community, it’s an escape from your  personal problems at school, home, work, etc. We tend to express our feelings through dance. You may not  see it on our faces or body language, but when you know a dancer personally, you can tell.” 


Attendees should note that 8th Street will be closed to thru traffic and parking from Columbia Avenue to River Avenue from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm on Thursday nights to accommodate the crowd. Free public parking  for the event is available in the surface lots on 7th and 9th Streets, in the 7th and 9th Street Parking Decks  and at the Holland Civic Center Place. And don’t forget that while the Series is free to attend, tipping the  performers is customary.  


The Downtown Holland Social District is also open during the Street Performer Series, meaning that patrons  ages 21+ can purchase alcoholic beverages at one of nearly 20 different participating establishment to enjoy  while strolling throughout Downtown Holland during the event. For a list of participating establishments, the  social district regulations, and the district boundaries, please visit www.downtownsocialdistrict.com. 


Street Performer Series Performer Line-Up for June 27 

Balloon Twisting by Sadie 

  • Sadie Laarman is a 10th grade student at Zeeland East High School. Sadie learned how to twist balloon  animals in 6th grade and has loved them ever since! Sadie has a passion for all forms of art is involved in  many art programs through her school. She is excited to make her Gentex Street Performer Series debut this  summer! 

Brucie Cooke 

  • Bruce began piano and horn lessons when he was a child, playing in church, school, and theaters. Since  retiring from teaching, he enjoys pursuing his appreciation for music by performing at the Park Theatre, in  Downtown Holland, and in churches throughout West Michigan, often with the Tarnished Brass Band. He is  excited to return to the Gentex Street Performer Series for his 12th summer this year! 

Cassandra Lybrink 

  • Cassandra Lybrink is a member of the Holland Chorale and an editor with The Holland Sentinel. She has  been playing and writing music for over 20 years, and her set includes favorites from genres ranging from country to modern pop. When she is not making music or working on the local paper, she can be found  enjoying her free time with her husband and son. 

Chris Clayton Loop 

  • Chris Shideler is a solo musician based in Grand Rapids who takes listeners on a journey with his music. He  found his passion for live looping years ago, and through hard work and practice, he has been making music  ever since. Chris’ favorite part of performing is showing the crowd how he builds songs up and breaks them  back down as he plays. 

Connor Scholten 

  • Connor Scholten first began yo-yoing as a young child in 1997, and he first performed for the public as part  of the first ever Street Performer Series in 2005. He has since worked full time as a yo-yo designer, coached  the top players in the world, and taught yo-yo to thousands of people online. He is also the 2017 and 2018  National Yo-Yo Contest Winner.  

De Leon Family 

  • The De Leon Family consists of Larry and his children Victoria, Valerie, and Emmanuel. The family has been  creating music together for years, with Larry and Victoria becoming Series regulars. They are a bi-lingual  Mexican American group that blends a touch of classic Americana country music with modern day pop  classics in both English and Spanish. The natural blend of their harmonies is unmistakable and enchanting.  

Doodle Face 

  • Brooke Wolf is excited to make her debut as Doodle Face for this year’s Gentex Street Performer Series!  She offers a variety of fun, glitter tattoos with stencils using high quality cosmetic grade glitter that is safe for  skin, latex free, and of course…fun! 

Eli LaCroix 

  • Musician Eli LaCroix is excited to return to the Gentex Street Performer Series for the first time since  graduating high school ten years ago. Born and raised in the Holland-Zeeland area, Eli is excited to return to  the area to perform old and new music after living in New York City for eight years. 

Gibson Knights 

  • Gibson Knights is a singer-songwriter who has played music since he was just seven years old. He first fell in  love with the ukulele and eventually moved on to the guitar. Now at 16 years old, he has created a self-produced single "Banana Bread n' Perfume" out on all platforms. You can find Gibson spending his free time  busking and playing gigs around his hometown of Grand Haven and working on producing an original EP. 

Henna by Jahara 

  • Jahara Begum has been a Street Performer in Downtown Holland since the beginning of the Gentex Street  Performer Series. She is a highly skilled and experienced henna artist who uses all natural ingredients that  are safe for the skin. Her designs never fail to impress her fans of all ages! 

Holland Doctors of Jazz 

  • Led by Jeff Carroll, musicians Dave Benjamin, Tim Denbesten, Nate Hanson, Robert Keeley, and Micah  Vanderhill make up the musical group Holland Doctors of Jazz. These highly experienced and talented  musicians have been playing a variety of jazz and big band tunes together for the past several years,  performing at community events, restaurants, and stages throughout West Michigan.  


  • Musician Jeanette Locher plays the Native flute and the steel tongue drum and enjoys playing music from  the heart. She previously has played music just for herself but is excited to make her street performing debut  at the Gentex Street Performer Series and the Holland Farmers Market this summer! 

Liv for Henna 

  • 16-year-old Alivia Apol has loved all forms of art her entire life and has recently started learning and  perfecting her henna art skills! Though she has applied henna tattoos at birthday parties and other events,  she is excited to share her talents with Downtown Holland for the first time as a part of the Gentex Street  Performer Series! 

Madam Mandala 

  • Madam Mandala, aka Lori Lundell, is an incredible hula hoop performer who captivates audiences with her  mesmerizing performances. With her unique blend of skill, grace, and artistry, she brings her signature style  and energy to the stage. During her performances, she effortlessly weaves her hula hoop through a series of  complex and beautiful movements that showcase her incredible dexterity and control.  

Maddy Grace 

  • Maddy Kok is a local college student who has been singing for as long as she can remember and has been  performing publicly for the last nine years. She taught herself guitar when she was just 11 years old and  began performing publicly in middle school. She has a passion for sharing her music with audiences at  church, school, and on the streets of Downtown Holland.  

Mat Emerick 

  • Dressed as a clown, Mat Emerick evokes great mimes like Charlie Chaplin and Marcel Marceau in his act.  With over 40 years of professional experience performing at festivals, schools, libraries, and theatres, he  brings smiles to all ages with his comedy and juggling skills.  

Sebastian Zylstra 

  • Sebastian Zylstra is a freshman at Black River Public School where he plays piano in the school’s jazz  orchestra and percussion in the symphonic band. He has played piano for over 9 years and has taken  weekly lessons with Radu Corneanu for almost 3 years. He has just returned from Boston where he played  with both groups at the Heritage Music Festival and completed an AIM Masterclass. 

Silverado Band 

  • West Michigan natives Harold Woodrum, Tom Bourne, and Mackenzie Woodring make up the Silverado  Band. They play a wide variety of music including polkas, waltzes, and line dances that are sure to entertain  a crowd at a wedding, bar, private parties… or at the Gentex Street Performer Series!

Streetlife Serenade 

  • Musicians John Hubers and Kevin Reeves joined forces to create Streetlife Serenade a few months ago  when they discovered their shared love for Billy Joel. They are both well accomplished musicians with Kevin  being known for his soulful vocals, and John being a part of other bands and the Holland Chorale. They  enjoy songwriting together as well as playing classic covers of songs by Elton John, The Beatles, and more. 

Third Class Flynn 

  • Third Class Flynn is an Irish music busking duo, comprised of husband-and-wife Ray and Cindy Veen.  Dressed as the characters Michael and Mary Flynn, Irish immigrants from the late 1800's, the Flynn's tell  their story through the music of Ireland: folk tunes, dance tunes, pub tunes, laments and more. 

The Balloon Guy 

  • Jim Perry "The Balloon Guy" has been entertaining children of all ages with his remarkable balloon twisting  skills for more than 40 years. He is a graduate of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and  travelled the country for four years with different circuses. He has participated in the Street Performer Series  since 2016. 

The Mannequins 

  • The Mannequins got their start in Chicago in 2017, where they usually perform live as a raucous and loud  rock outfit. This summer they will be taking to 8th Street as an acoustic duo composed of original members,  Grant McKenzie and Carter Bulthuis. The band’s unique brand of emotion-first, raw, alternative rock mixes  emo and indie influences, along with a rich well of inspiration from classic literature and film. 

TripleRoot Band 

  • Erik Boehm, Mitch Ware, and Brett Wild are all lifetime musicians, who have performed with various bands  over the years. They found each other three years ago, and it was magic from the first day. This acoustic trio  features amazing three-part vocal harmonies while playing Americana songs and hits from the 70's and 80's.  They engage the audience in their act and love having fun with them!  

Tyde Glass 

  • Raymond Quintero is a local glass blower who has a love for marbles! He grew up loving to play marbles  with his friends and family and has had a passion for ‘marble hunting’ and finding unique marbles ever since.  He loves that each handmade marble is unique and one of a kind and enjoys the attention to detail marbles  require to create. Find him at the Gentex Street Performer Series creating marbles right in front of you this  summer!