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A Northern Michigan winter can be long and dreadful when all you can think about is the upcoming summer with its abundance of warmth, sunshine, and beaches. With our 4 seasons, there is always something to do in Michigan. However, nothing compares to the state’s transformation into a winter wonderland as you witness waterfalls freeze in time or the flight of bright birds in snow flurries.

Some people in Michigan anxiously await the opportunity to enjoy activities that only winter brings. Michiganders prepare for winter by firing up the fireplace, stocking up on hot beverages, and pulling out snow gear. Just because it gets cold during Michigan winters doesn’t mean you must stay home. If you’re wondering what you can do for fun, check out some of our hot spots with things to do around our 7 locations in northern Michigan by going to our award-winning website.

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Why not bundle up to explore a new area of the state? While many areas throughout our state have outdoor activities like skiing, ice skating, and even igloo dining, we also offer a few indoor experiences such as museums, performing arts, and shopping. While in a new area, you may need a place to stay. Book your next stay at a higher latitude. At Dunegrass, we want your trip to be as chill as can be. Stay at a place where you can wake and bake or hang by the fire pit and get toasted.

We recommend Up North and Away B&Bs, a collection of vacation homes within five minutes of downtown Traverse City. Choose from studio spaces to 4-bedroom homes that sleep ten people. Amenities differ by property and may include in-door saunas, fenced-in yards, game rooms, and more. Many homes are pet and cannabis friendly.

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As lifetime residents of Northern Michigan, we have a home-grown point of view on the Up-North experience. At Dunegrass, “A Higher Latitude” refers to Northern Michigan’s special and unique sense of place as a tourism destination offering world-class outdoor recreation that you can only get here. When stopping at any of our 7 locations, including our recently opened shop in Traverse City, we are here to hook you up with the essentials for an enjoyable winter season.

Please remember to read our Responsible Cannabis Guide while on our site, which serves as a guideline for safe cannabis use and respect for the people and places you visit. From our perspective, A Higher Latitude is best enjoyed responsibly with friends.

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