How much awesome can you pack into three months? If you’re Short’s Brewing, the answer is a whole heckin’ lot. The brewers year end releases have been announced, and with a line up this good, we can only imagine what Short’s has in store for their 20th anniversary next year..

“When your beverage library has over 1000 recipes (and counting!), it is an exciting challenge to determine the right libations to share with our fans. When I look at this season, I get all fired up, both personally and professionally. This lineup is so dang Short's-y!” Exclaimed Kerry Lynch, Sales Director for the brewery.

From the return of Seasonal favorites like Mule Beer and Pure Michigan Winter Pils to small-batch, limited-release rarities featuring unique and innovative ingredients (with a variety pack thrown in for good measure), Short’s Brewing is doing what they do best: getting weird in a big way with more seasonal releases than most brewers can squeeze in over the course of an entire year. Each product listed below will be available in 12 oz cans and draft. Package sizes vary from 6- to 18-packs.

Seasonal Releases: Available for 3ish months in lots of spots

  • Mule Beer: Experimental ale with Lime & Ginger: 4.5% ABV
    • Available October in MI, OH, IN, IL, CO, TN, WI.
  • Pure Michigan Winter Pils: Imperial Pilsner: 7.3% ABV
    • Available October in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana.
  • Limited Releases: Super-small batches, super-weird ingredients, super-limited availability
  • Bloody Beer: Experimental Ale with Roma tomatoes, fresh horseradish, black pepper and dill: 8.3%
    • Available October in Michigan and Indiana.
  • Juicy Tree: Experimental Ale made with blue spruce tips, cranberries, and juniper berries: 9.3%
    • Available October to MI, OH, IN, IL, CO, TN.
  • Hoppy Holiday Variety Pack: 18 pack, 12 oz cans: 6.1% - 9.1% ABV
    • Line up: The Curl, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, Slurm, Stellar Ale, Nitro Good Humans, and Superfluid.
    • Available October in MI, OH, IN, IL, CO, TN, WI.
  • Peachy Yum Yum: American Sour Ale with peach and pomegranate: 7.5% ABV
    • Available October in MI, OH, IN, IL, CO, TN, WI.
  • Chocolate Wheat: Porter made with Chocolate and Wheat Malts: 7.3% ABV
    • Available October in Michigan only.
  • Starcut Cider Releases: In case beer wasn’t enough…
  • Pulsar Holiday: Dry Spiced Cider with cranberry and blood orange
    • Available October in MI, OH, IN, IL, CO, TN, WI.
  • Rhuby: Rhubarb & Pear Cider
    • Available October in MI, OH, IN, IL, CO, TN, WI.

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