Michigan’s Capital region isn't just celebrating Autism Acceptance Month in April – Lansing prides itself on being an inclusive destination year-round. Accessible Journeys Magazine even named Lansing a top destination for autism families looking to travel in the U.S.!

Many families with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental disabilities, or sensory processing disorders worry about traveling. But Lansing makes it easier. More than 1,000 employees at local attractions and hotels have been trained to better understand and accommodate neurodiverse needs.

Families can plan ahead using the Choose Lansing website, which provides accessible amenity information for many local attractions, restaurants, hotels and businesses. Lansing is also the first city to be certified in the AbleVu Accessible Cities program, which offers virtual walk-thru tours of public spaces and businesses, allowing families to virtually explore a location before arriving.

The Lansing area offers sensory-inclusive experiences that cater to all interests. Potter Park Zoo, Impression 5 Science Center, Abrams Planetarium and even the Capital City Market all have specialized hours and events dedicated to creating a more calming environment. Many attractions also provide quiet rooms and loan out sensory toolkits that include headphones, fidget toys and other helpful items.

Visitors can also experience a variety of sensory-inclusive performances and shows! The Wharton Center for Performing Arts at Michigan State University was one of the first to offer special shows for neurodiverse audiences, starting with the production of The Lion King, and the venue continues to offer similar specialized programming throughout the year. Movie theaters offer designated times for shows that include raised lights and lowered sound, along with leniency for moving about as needed.

Families looking for outdoor fun can explore Play Michigan!, a brand new, all-inclusive playground in downtown Lansing. The park features wheelchair-accessible play equipment, specialty swings and ramps, sensory play areas, and more, ensuring that children of all abilities can play side by side.

Lansing is proud to welcome families of all abilities. Choose Lansing and plan on something Greater! Learn more about sensory-inclusive activities in the area at: https://www.lansing.org/things-to-do/sensory-friendly-activities/