Tibbits Summer Theatre announces the arrival of the explosive rock musical Rent. From July 11-13, and July 17-20, audiences will be swept away by the energy and passion of this groundbreaking production. The play promises a rollercoaster of emotions, unforgettable characters, and infectious melodies.


In the vibrant streets of New York City's East Village, a diverse group of artists and musicians grapple with love, creativity, and the pursuit of their dreams. “Set against the backdrop of the HIV/AIDS crisis, Rent captivates audiences with its raw emotion and timeless themes, and is sure to leave attendees singing along all summer long,” said Kaitlyn Lee, Audience Services Director at Tibbits.


Director Brian Sage recalls, “Isolation and fear became very real things for us just four years ago as we faced a virus with a name and number but no solid information. The characters in Rent face these same challenges, and despite their fear, their disease, their anger, their frustration, their broken hearts, and their regrets, these "bohemians" fight to overcome it with a desperate joy fueled by the most universal of themes, love. After all, how do you measure a life? In the words of Rent creator Jonathan Larson we ‘measure in love’."


Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and four Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Rent continues to resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds with its universal messages of love, acceptance, and the importance of seizing the day. From the iconic anthem "Seasons of Love" to the heart-wrenching ballad "Without You," the show's dynamic score by Jonathan Larson is a cultural phenomenon beloved worldwide.


The production features an exceptional professional cast, led by Jason Koch in the role of Mark Cohen, Cade Ostermeyer as Roger Davis, Isabella Rivera as Mimi Marquez, alongside Jessica Vanek as Maureen Johnson, Sarah “Serendipity” Odom as Joanne Jefferson, Isaiah Young as Tom Collins, Jose Emilio Escoto as Angel Dumott Schunard, and Michael Reed as Benny Coffin III. The talented ensemble helping bring the story to life includes Aidan Eddy (also portraying Gordon), Abby McDonough, Alondra Schuck, Emma Kops, Jackson Poulin (also playing Paul), Matthew Palmer, Mika Umemura, Lindsay Rosser (also appearing as Mrs. Cohen), Aidan Kelly, Brennan Wood, Tariq Woods (also appearing as Mr. Cohen), and Daniel Jones. Rent is directed by Brian Sage, choreographed by Riley Bannister, with musical direction by Steve Zumbrun.


Behind the scenes, a dedicated team ensures every aspect of the production is meticulously orchestrated. Chad Tallon leads as Artistic Associate, supported by Taylor Poling as Company Manager, Miranda Munson as Production Stage Manager, and Elizabeth Kulaga and Sarah-Parker Martin as Assistant Stage Managers, the latter also contributing as Sound Support. MJ Fox serves as Scenic Designer, Props Master, and Scenic Artist, while Jade Zhang designs costumes and Jessica Hawks excels as Scenic Artist and Scenic Painter Lead. Jamie Gresens manages lighting design, with Jake McDivitt providing expertise as Sound Designer, Board Operator, and Engineer. Josh Rockwell oversees Technical Direction, and Trey Ewart leads as Master Electrician and Board Operator. Together, this collaborative effort promises to deliver a flawless theatrical experience. For a complete list of the staff, please visit Tibbits.org.


Rent is sponsored by CBPU, a proud sponsor of Tibbits Summer Theatre since 2015. As a local public utility provider, the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities (CBPU) is committed to serving the people. Through strategic partnerships with organizations, CBPU invests in initiatives that enhance community well-being, reinforcing the city with dependable, safe and affordable utility services. CBPU offers a range of services including electric, water, wastewater, and advanced telecommunications such as GIG Fiber Internet, TV, and digital phone services.


Join the fun as Tibbits Summer Theatre sets the stage on fire with this exhilarating production. With a talented cast and stunning production design, the show promises to be a must-see event for theatre enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Tickets are on sale now, with prices ranging from $20 to $46. The show is rated PG-13, and it contains mature themes, including substance abuse, sexuality, and strong language.


For more information, contact Tibbits Opera House at 517.278.6029, visit the administration office located at 93 West Chicago St, or go to Tibbits.org. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of Rent live on stage – secure your seats today and let the summer sizzle with Tibbits. 

Tibbits Opera - Rent Production