Experience uncovers how dinosaurs influenced animals of today 

Something BIG is coming to John Ball Zoo. Beginning July 15, visitors might hear a roar in the distance that sounds a little different than the lion or tiger they normally hear. That's because it’s a dinosaur and part of John Ball Zoo’s newest exhibit “Dino Adventures.”  


Running through Nov. 15, “Dino Adventures” is an interactive exhibit in the entryway and Forest Realm sections of the Zoo. It uncovers how the traits of prehistoric dinosaurs have influenced the animals we see today.  


More than 20 life-size robotic dinosaurs will display real behaviors, such as mothering, feeding, preying, and more. These large and scientifically accurate dinosaurs that can move and make noise will be on display for all Zoo visitors. Interactive elements like a fossil dig pit and T-Rex photo op will engage guests by providing a hands-on experience. 


“John Ball Zoo is so excited to welcome our community to our newest exhibit ‘Dino Adventures,’” said Darci Mitchell, promotions & events manager at John Ball Zoo. “This experience aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world, its history and the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect both living species and those yet to come.” 


On July 28, “Dino Adventures” founder and owner “Dino Don” will do a series of chats on the Forest Realm Stage. He is the author of 40 books on natural history and adviser to Stephen Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park.” 


“Dino Adventures” is included with the cost of a daily Zoo ticket. Tickets can be purchased online. The exhibit is sponsored by Michigan First Credit Union, Morgan Stanley and Dykstra Excavating.  

John Ball Zoo Dino Adventure