Imported Image Feeling zoned out? Want the kids to look up from their Nintendo Switch? Worried that summer is passing you by? Calhoun County is here to help. Check out these activities that require everyone to unplug from the digital world. Kids ‘N’ Stuff It’s all hands-on play, no screen time at Kids ‘N’ Stuff in Albion. Imagination reigns with lots of opportunity for creativity. There’s a stage and costume shop, art center and Block Mountain. Kids can play pretend at the garage, the farm and the veterinarian’s office. Adults, it’s a great opportunity for you to join in and have fun with your little ones as they explore the world. Full Blast Pack your swim shorts, because Battle Creek’s Full Blast is the cool place to be in summer. The Flash Flood Water Park has outdoor waterslides and a splash pool. Keep your phone in a locker, where it’ll be safe from the water – you’re going to get drenched when you hit the pool from the top of the slide. Wilder Creek Add a little enchantment into your nature walk by searching for the Wilder Creek castle in Marshall. The stone building is hidden in the woods. You can explore the forest along raised wooden boardwalks, trails and viewing platforms. Pavilions provide a perfect spot to eat a picnic. Linear Park The Linear Park path in Battle Creek is 26 miles of paved trail that’s perfect for bicyclists. The path encompasses history, art and nature. You’ll notice there are signs along the path that mark it as part of the North Country Trail. So even if you don’t have a bike, you can log time for your NCT Hike 100 Challenge. Good food Make a pact with your friends: Everyone puts their phones away for one meal. You’ll want to be in the moment for the food served at Kitchen Proper or Schuler’s Restaurant. For something a little more casual, but still with a fresh rotating menu that will please foodies, try Fire Hub or Torti Taco Bar & Grill Take your unplugged dinner to the next level with one of the food events at Of the Land farm. On July 29, they’ll serve dinner in the greenhouse, along with live music, a Zinnia Labyrinth featuring a dozen different kinds of zinnias and more than 100,000 blooms, and a sound bath under the stars.