The 2024 St. Ignace Car Show is the epicenter of automotive royalty celebrating America's Sports Car, the Corvette. "Keys to the Kingdom,"  the biography of Jon A. Moss, the legendary retired head of General Motors Special Vehicle Group debuts during the car show on June 29 th at two book signing sessions and is available for preorder June 24 th . Guests of Honor for the show include automotive Hall of Famer Mr. Jerry Palmer, the designer of the C4 Corvette, Mr. John Cafaro, designer of the C5 Corvette, and Mr. Kirk Bennion, designer of the C7 Corvette. Mr. Tom Peters, designer of the C6 and C8 Corvettes, returns as a special guest, bringing every living Corvette designer to St. Ignace for photos and autographs. Jon Moss, who was part of the greatest black operation in automotive history, will also be present. In June of 1993, General Motors planned to cancel the Corvette after the 4th Generation. Working under cover of darkness, "The CERV IV Project" saw Jon Moss assemble a team, working 24/7, and producing a working prototype of the new C5 Corvette in only 93 days, changing the course of history and saving the Corvette from extinction. The book gives great detail on this covert project, telling the story for the first time with interviews with the men involved. "The Little Deuce Coupe" of Beach Boy fame, completely restored by Jon Moss, will also be featured at this year’s show. The Guest of Honor Brunch will be a CERV IV discussion with the key players to include Mr. Palmer, Mr. Cafaro, Mr. Peters, Mr. Tom Stephens, former Vice-Chairman of General Motors, and Mr. Joe Spielman, who was the nexus of the off-book project that changed the world. Tickets to this once in a lifetime event will be available soon. Car Show registration will open in January 2024.