Unity Festival Rescheduled to 2021

Unity Christian Music Festival officials announced today the rescheduling of their 2020 event.
“Based on the current COVID/quarantine situation and the restrictions on events, we are very sad to
announce the Unity Christian Music Festival/20th Anniversary Celebration will not be taking place this
summer, but will be rescheduled for August 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2021”, said Festival Director Kevin
“While we know this news is a huge disappointment to many families in West Michigan, we also believe
that this one time change will only make it more special when we are together again next year”, Newton
said. “With the COVID-19 situation still very much driving many decisions, we do not want to ask our
fans, artists, staff, volunteers or vendors to take any of the risks that may come from a huge event.”
Newton added that the 20 th year of Unity was planned to be a special celebration of Unity becoming one
of the country’s largest Christian music events; but also of the milestone achievement of donating a total
of $1 Million to area Christian ministries. “Unity exists to support area ministries and for 20 years that has
been our focus”, Newton said. “While we will have to delay this celebration, we know it will be even more
special when we can gather together next summer and see all that God has done.”

Community support will be critical in helping Unity survive a year with no event, according to Newton.
“In order for Unity to stay in business, we WILL NEED financial donations. Our ministry exists to support
our Partner Ministries who are working every day to provide critical services and the love of Christ, to
West Michigan. When you help Unity, you not only help keep our much loved festival operating, you also
help these wonderful ministries continue to build the support they need”, Newton explained. “The
festival is a non-profit that gives money to ministries. The majority of our yearly profits go directly to our

ministry partners. In our first 19 years, we have donated close to $1 Million to area ministries.
As recently as this Spring, we have given financial gifts of nearly $80,000 to keep our ministry partners
viable during the health/economic crisis. While we have some reserve funds to cover contingencies, this
crisis goes well beyond any normal planning scenarios and is threatening the existence of many
businesses and organizations. A festival season with zero income is a huge loss. We know that people
love the festival and would like to see us be able to continue to promote future Festivals and concerts.
For that to happen, we will need financial donations and support from our Unity family and the
Newton mentioned that Unity is Muskegon’s largest annual event and brings in millions of dollars to the
local economy each year. Between 50,000-60,000 visitors attend the 4 days of Unity each summer, filling
area hotels and campgrounds to capacity.
Newton added that a donation account has been set up and can be accessed from the festival webpage:
For those who have already purchased tickets, the following options are offered:
By default, all tickets will automatically move to the event’s new dates – August 11-14, 2021. If a buyer
wants to simply hold their ticket for 2021, no action is necessary. These customers will have a 2021
ticket and protection from any possible future price increases.
By Tuesday, May 12, buyers will receive an email from Unity Christian Events to the email address used
to purchase their tickets. That email will list the options of donating your ticket purchase or requesting a
refund and will include a link to complete that process. If someone does not receive the email, they are
encouraged to check their Spam folder. The deadline for submitting requests for refunds is 11:59PM EST
on Thursday May 22, 2020.
Tickets that are donated will be considered a donation to “Alive On The Lakeshore”, a 501(c)3 non-
profit.  As such, the amount of the donation would generally be considered tax deductible.

Kevin Newton
Christopher VanOosterhout