Zeeland A to Z Public Art Installation

The City of Zeeland announces the installation of a temporary public art exhibit: Zeeland A to Z. This educational and whimsical outdoor exhibit is located on Elm Street, along the Splash Pad fence. This open-air exhibit invites onlookers to enjoy an informative stroll through the Zeeland Alphabet.

The Zeeland A to Z exhibit is an alphabetical compilation of local pieces of history that reflect the rich heritage and personality of Zeeland. This Zeeland alphabet is meant to be informative and inspiring; a means in which to pass along bits of homegrown history – some of which might seem subtle yet some
you will find has collected accolades from around the world. Big or small, each of these 26 pieces of history are vital to the story of Zeeland.

To assemble the project, each letter of the alphabet was assigned a word that helps to tell the tale of Zeeland, for example: A stands for Aeron Chair, H stands for Hatcheries, V stands for Veneklasen Brick. Each word was researched and definitions were created to match. Collectively, a lot of history is
represented in this project.