Electric Bike Place

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Electric Bike Place

16881 Hayes St
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Regions: Central
Phone: (800) 622-4655
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With the Tesla Model 3 pre-orders surpassing 400,000, you may find yourself wondering if you too should jump on the bandwagon. Well, we have an alternative electric-powered option for you at a fraction of the cost. Enter electric bikes! They might not have Ludicrous Speed Mode, but they are tons of fun and great for the environment.

Electric Bike Place is the child of MACkite, a long-standing store in Grand Haven. Electric Bike Place focuses on providing a fun, unique experience for our visitors both online and in-store.

Our crew is full of people who want to take the next step - those who constantly ride our equipment, provide feedback, and look for new ways to improve in the future.

It seems that Electric Bike Place and MACkite are always expanding and changing, which always serves the purpose of providing the best experience and most valuable content for our customers.

Give MACkite a call at 800-622-4655 and we will get you out enjoying the fresh air on an electric bike today!

We would be honored in assisting you in finding the best electric bicycle for you. Not only do we have knowledgeable staff, but we also try every bicycle that is in our shop so we can give you honest reviews without all the fluff. Plus, if something were to happen, we’re here for basic maintenance and repairs as well as any warranty claims.

Since the beginning, 1981 to be exact, MACkite’s slogan has been, “Where FUN begins!” That mantra still holds true for our staff and our culture, and we wish nothing more than to give you the best experience possible.
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