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Brown Bag Lunch Series

Occurring Friday, February 7, 2020 - February 28, 2020
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Brown Bag Lunch Series (Expired)
106 N. Michigan Ave
Big Rapids, MI 49307 (231) 796-2420
Contact & More Info
Contact: Bruce Dilg
Email: brfota@brfota.org
Phone: (231) 796-0250
Event posted by: Mecosta County CVB

February 7: Kimn Carleton Smith Reinventing Retirement: My experiences as a newly enrolled grad student in Kendall's MA in Visual and Critical Studies. “As society negotiates an increasingly complex landscape of visual information, the ability to understand the visual world becomes paramount. It is widely accepted that we currently must negotiate an increasingly complex world of visual information. The key objective of the Kendall program is to enable students to critically unpack visual information and learn to write about visual culture in a scholarly manner.” Kimn Carleton-Smith is a retired professor of history from Ferris State University.

February 14: Susan Booker Morris
Taoism, The I Ching, and Poetic Readings “I have been working on a poetry series that is based on readings of the ancient Chinese book The I Ching. We will start with a quick study of key concepts of Taoism, then the history and explanation of the I Ching, a book that has been used to centuries to guide and direct people in life. After getting a reading from the I Ching, I then turn each reading into a poem.” Susan Morris taught at Ferris in the Humanities Department, teaching Eastern Religions,
Race & Gender theory, Philosophy, and Film. She is currently an Emeritus Professor, and works now on writing poetry and essays and recording music.

February 21: Lynnette Vought
Printmaking: Old Techniques and New Technologies
“Relief and intaglio printmaking are very old processes, born out of expression and necessity. This lecture will outline some of the historical origins of printmaking, as well as how these old art forms have been adapted to address the environmental and cultural concerns of the 21st century.” Lynette Vought is an artist and adjunct professor of Art and Humanities at Ferris State University. In addition to her academic activities, she has a career as a fine art printmaker and painter.

February 28: Rachel Foulk
Horizons of the World: A Global View of Landscape Painting “This illustrated lecture will explore landscape painting, one of the most enduring genres in the history of art. Throughout history, human beings have represented
nature as a way of understanding our environment and our place in it.” Join Art Historian Rachel Foulk for a discussion of landscape imagery from around the world. “We will consider how diverse approaches to the representation of land communicate the values of individual artists and wider cultures.” Rachel
Foulk is Professor of Art History at Ferris State University and advises the Art
History minor.