Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens

Todd Reed has been photographing Michigan for 50 years and is considered by many to be one of the best landscape  photographers in the United States. To commemorate that wonderful milestone, Todd and his team are publishing a large format, high end, hard cover coffee table book that will highlight many aspects of his life and professions. The retrospective book will be 12 inches square and over 300 pages. The book will include a few old family photos from when Todd was young. It will also have several images from Todd’s 23 years as a photojournalist at the Ludington Daily News. Of course, the book will include many of Todd’s best-selling images of all time, along with new, longer stories behind those timeless favorites. In addition, Todd has been very busy making new photographs his 50th year, and the book will showcase many of his brand new,never before seen images from 2020.

Team Reed is proud to have teamed up with Lake FX Media, another Ludington based company, to produce a full feature documentary on the photographic life of Todd Reed. Look for more information and details on this exciting project by June of 2021.

They also are offering a special pairing of the book with a first-ever limited edition numbered print—and more.

The plan is to print 3,000 copies of the book on the first printing. Todd will hand-sign and number the first 120 books that arrive as part of the Limited-Edition Package. The remaining 2,880 copies will all be hand signed by Todd prior to selling. Whether you are a longtime fan of Todd’s work, or you have recently discovered his talents, Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens will become a family treasure for you.

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