The Great Village Egg Hunt Returns April 8th

If you are looking for a non-traditional egg hunt and are  up for a challenge, head to Spring Lake on Easter weekend.  

The 3rd annual Great Village Egg Hunt returns to the Village of Spring Lake Saturday,  April 8th. This is an all-ages, village-wide egg hunt that kids, families, and friends can  do together. Over 1,000 eggs will be hidden throughout the day on April 8th around  public spaces all over the Village. All eggs are filled with candy and trinkets but there are also prize eggs and Golden Eggs to search for as well.  

“Thanks to many generous individuals and businesses, we have thousands of dollars  of prizes up for grabs. If you find a prize egg, there will be a slip of paper inside  showing you what you’ve won and how to claim your prize,” said Stefanie Herder, the Village of Spring Lake’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) director.  

If you are lucky enough to find a Golden Egg, they can be redeemed for one of the  many prizes valued at $25 or more. Golden Egg prizes include restaurant gift  certificates, sports tickets, museum passes, and more. One of the grand prizes is an  electric scooter donated by Stan’s Bar.  

Village Hall will be open on April 8th from 8am -2pm so that egg hunters can stop to  claim their prizes. Event sponsors Best Financial Credit Union & Stan’s Bar as well as  local non-profit organizations will have booths outside of Village Hall with activities and more. For those looking for a more traditional egg hunt, the Spring Lake Boy  Scouts are hosting an egg hunt at Tanglefoot Park at noon. The egg hunt at noon is  geared towards the 6yrs & under crowd.  

It takes a Village to make an event like this possible. Over 50 volunteers help stuff and  hide eggs for the event.  

“Eggs are hidden in batches during the event. This way it doesn’t matter what time  you come to hunt, since the eggs will be refreshed throughout the day,” said Herder.  “We keep stuffing and hiding eggs until about 2pm. We ask folks to return their plastic  eggs so that we may reuse them for the day of the event and for future egg hunts.”

The Village is still looking for more sponsors and prizes to be donated for the event.  The more sponsors and donations they receive, the more eggs that will be hidden  throughout the day.  

“My favorite moment from last year’s event, was watching grown adults being excited  about the hunt. I watched adult men run down the side streets looking for eggs.  Everyone likes to feel like a kid once in a while!” 

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