Moersch Hospitality Group Announces 2023 Event Lineup

Moersch Hospitality Group is thrilled to announce  this year’s highly anticipated lineup of events across four of their locations – Round Barn  Winery & Estate, Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant, Round Barn Brewery & Public House, and  Free Run Cellars. At the forefront of the planning process has been a sense of intentionality and  creating a holistic experience for guests to enjoy and fully immerse themselves in the theme at  every point of interaction. 

“Whether it be online, social media, and ultimately in person, we want to create an exceptional  experience where guests can connect through delectable food, catchy tunes, and, of course,  fine wines, spirits, and craft brews,” says Jennifer Marren, Moersch’s Events and Marketing  Specialist and the brains behind the event planning process.  

When asked about the upcoming lineup of 2023 events, Marren is beyond excited for guests to  enjoy what is to come this year. “From our staple events, such as our kick-off to summer  Sangria Party, to something new, like our Blues & Brews, our mission is to curate experiences  that create memories for our community to cherish for a lifetime.”  


  • 2 Round Barn Winery & Estate | Spring Girl’s Day  
  • 9 Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant | Easter Brunch 


  • 11 Free Run Cellars | Epicurean Dinner in the Vineyard 
  • 13 Round Barn Winery & Estate | Sangria Party  
  • 14 Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant | Mother’s Day Brunch 
  • 25 Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant | Seafood Boil  


  • 8 Round Barn Winery & Estate | Toast to Teachers 
  • 10 Beer Garden at the Round Barn Brewery & Public House | Burgers & Beers  25 Round Barn Winery & Estate | Island Spirits Party 


  • 3 Beer Garden at the Round Barn Brewery & Public House | Baroda Fireworks  16 Round Barn Winery & Estate | Blues & Brews 
  • 30 Round Barn Winery & Estate | Artisan Market  


  • 3 Round Barn Brewery & Public House | 10-Year Anniversary Beer Dinner  5 Beer Garden at the Round Barn Brewery & Public House | 10-Year Anniversary 
  • 13 Round Barn Winery & Estate | Mt Tabor Trails Wine 5k  
  • 24 Free Run Cellars | Epicurean Dinner in the Vineyard 
  • 27 Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant | Harvest Celebration 


  • 10 Round Barn Winery & Estate | Sip + Savor Trail All Brand Tasting Event  14 Free Run Cellars | Epicurean Dinner in the Vineyard 
  • 29 Beer Garden at the Round Barn Public House | Oktoberfest  


  • 7 Beer Garden at Round Barn Public House | Barodeo™ 
  • 28 Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant | Terror at Tabor  


  • 31 Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant | New Year’s Eve Dinner 

About Moersch Hospitality Group 

We are a family bonded by a passion for life’s finest pleasures – great food and fine wine.  Farmers by trade, we know what it takes to cultivate sustainable ingredients and relationships.  For more than 30 years, we have been creating the best wine, craft beer, and spirits in  Southwest Michigan. Paired with epicurean flavors inspired by farm-to-table freshness, we’re  behind three concepts you may already know and love: Free Run Cellars, Tabor Hill Winery and  Restaurant, the Round Barn Winery, Distillery and Brewery.