Now, More than Ever: Telling a Story of Safe Travel

Telling a Story of Safe Travel

Nowmore than ever, you have the opportunity to share your destination’s story about safe travel in West Michigan.

Travelers are searching for safe ways to visit and enjoy the area, and your messaging is important to help them make those decisions.

Whether it’s new distanced outdoor seating, a fully revamped cleaning process, or a hand sanitizing station at the door, these are all opportunities to let people know that you are taking good care of your customers.

We’ve put together some best practices below, featuring easy ways for you to help tell your story.

All of the below are things WMTA can help with, free as part of your partnership, so please reach out if you have any questions about taking advantage of anything listed!

Promote Safe Travel

  • Let travelers know about new safety standards. You can talk directly to travelers on the West Michigan Travel Ideas group on Facebook (request to join as your Business Page).


Collaborate with the Industry

  • If you’re facing a new challenge or have questions on the state of the travel industry, odds are others are in the same boat as you! Start a conversation in our WMTA Partners Facebook group to get input and share ideas with other locals in the industry.


Share Positive Messaging

  • Include your message in our monthly editorial. We’re constantly sharing out this information, and we want to include you in as many topics as possible.


  • Keep us in the loop. Make sure you’re sending any press releases or newsletters to We’ll work to expand your message through our list of press contacts, social media, website, tv appearances, and more.