COVID-19 Update from WMTA

What WMTA is Doing for You During COVID-19

WMTA is working hard to continually monitor the COVID-19 situation throughout Michigan, and developing new ways to support our partners during this time. You’ll find a few of our new initiatives below, which we encourage you to get involved with (at no cost to you).

  • West Michigan Digital Cookbook: With many people now cooking from home, send in a recipe from your location for us to feature on your behalf. Deadline for initial publication: Sunday, April 19th.
  • Your Best High-Res Photo: We’re putting together online/downloadable puzzles and coloring pages featuring West Michigan locations. Send us your best photo so we can include it with these resources!
  • Livestream on our Facebook Page: If you’re running live videos on Facebook, expand your audience by simultaneously streaming on the West Michigan Facebook Page. Get in touch with Courtney to get on the schedule.
  • Online Cabin Fever Busters: We’ve seen great creativity from many of our partners with ways to remotely entertain/educate travelers, and we continue to collect these ideas and share them out. Please let us know if you have something we should add to this list, or take a look to see what other businesses are doing that might also work for yours!

If you business has any resources in place that travelers should know about to utilize from their homes during this time, please let us know so we can help spread the word!

Some examples we’ve seen so far:

  • Virtual tours of museums/destinations available online
  • Scheduled educational/entertainment live streaming
  • Links to information on at-home activities to do
  • Interactive website experiences

Please send any info on the above over to

During this time, WMTA will be working to remind people to check with local information sources before planning any trips, events, or dining out. We will be pushing travelers to check the websites/Facebook pages/with a phone call with specific destinations and/or area CVBs and Chambers before visiting anywhere.

We will be doing all we can to support our partner businesses throughout West Michigan during these times. Please keep in touch with any items we can assist you with over the coming weeks.