Traverse City Pit Spitters

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Traverse City Pit Spitters

333 Stadium Drive
Traverse City, MI 49685
United States
Regions: North
Phone: (231) 943-0100
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Have you seen a pit being spit? Have you tried to spit a pit? Have you succeeded in spitting a pit? We have done all of these and we liked it so much we’re naming the team in honor of this grand tradition. The Traverse City Pit Spitters are coming to town!

Traverse City is known as “The Cherry Capital of the World.” Cherries were first introduced to the region in 1852 and quickly became a staple in the Grand Traverse region. Today, the five counties around Traverse City make up a region that produces 40 percent of the annual tart cherry crop in the United States and the city is home to the ultimate celebration of cherries, the National Cherry Festival held every year in July.

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