St Ambrose Cellars

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St Ambrose Cellars

841 S. Pioneer Road
Beulah, MI 49617
Regions: North
Phone: (231) 383-4262
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Over the last couple of decades the United States has witnessed a huge movement in the craft beer world and more recently the rising star of draft cider. People are interested in exploring craft beverages created by skilled artisans around the world and this coincides with the “foodie” movement in general.

After decades of a boring downward trend in food and beverage quality in the hands of mass production manufacturers, people have rediscovered what good food and drink can and should be made in the hands of smaller, quality focused companies.

Michigan is a very progressive state in regards to craft beer, cider and now mead. Michiganders enjoy exploring the world of food and drink and sharing their experiences directly with friends, family and social media.

We believe the renaissance of mead is partially due to the rising technical expertise of winemaking that meadmakers are now employing in crafting this delicious beverage. At St. Ambrose we also produce oak barrel fermented and aged meads using cooperage ranging from American oak to French oak.

We believe mead (honey based wine) is the next trending beverage. Honey is a quality, value added ingredient that can be fermented into a tasty beverage, ranging from dry to sweet, still to carbonated, and low ABV to standard wine strength and beyond. Our 6.5 % carbonated mead is very popular in our tap room in Beulah, Michigan. We have an opportunity to get immediate feedback from visitors at our tasting room and our customers influence our direction.

Monday Monday: 12pm to 8pm
Tuesday Tuesday: 12pm to 8pm
Wednesday Wednesday: 12pm to 8pm
Thursday Thursday: 12pm to 8pm
Friday Friday: 12pm to 9pm
Saturday Saturday: 12pm to 9pm
Sunday Sunday: 12pm to 5pm

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