Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort

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Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort

7417 N 38th St
Augusta, MI 49012
Regions: South
Phone: (855) 391-4301
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Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort is Southwest Michigan’s oldest and largest golf resort, featuring six championship courses in Augusta, MI.

Come here for the golf, and play 18 holes a day for six days, without ever playing the same hole twice. Come here for the atmosphere, and enjoy a family-fun environment like no other around. Come as a couple or bring the kids, a group, even just yourself. Enjoy the cookouts. Try some of the amazing craft beers in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Or take in the incredible casinos that are just a short drive away. Whatever you do here, you’ll find that Gull Lake View has all the great amenities you’ll need to enjoy your golf resort vacation.