Great Mead Hall and Brewing Company

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Great Mead Hall and Brewing Company

215 W Monroe St
Bangor, MI 49301
United States
Regions: South
Phone: (269) 427-0827
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We seek to source our local providers:

  • Currently we use Hasselman honey out of Fremont, MI and Frank Arriaga of Watervliet, MI

  • Our cider comes from Seedling Farms, of South Haven, MI and Understory Farm Orchards of Bangor, MI

  • Pear juice from Seedling Farms of South Haven, MI

  • Our blueberries are from Adkin Farms, South Haven, MI

  • Cranberries from DeGrandchamps of South Haven, MI

  • Saskatoons from Steve at Saskatoon Farm andb Nursery, Williamsburg, MI

The best meads are made from fresh fruit and raw honey.

The mead is aged on the lees for 9-12 months in an ambient temperature range of 65-75 degrees before bottling.

Making mead the Old-School way- the simplest way the head mead maker has developed over the last 35 years.

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