Freedom Boat Club of West Michigan

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Freedom Boat Club of West Michigan

516 Pine St.
Spring Lake, MI 49456
United States
Regions: Central
Phone: (855) 526-2863
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How does Boat Club Membership Work?
Boat club membership is one of the best things to happen to boating since sunscreen because it’s extremely simple. You pay a one-time initiation fee to get started and then low monthly dues to your home club. There are four different memberships offered at Freedom Boat Club of West Michigan (#miBoatClub). A FreedomBoat Club Membership is the most affordable alternative to owning a boat, and with Freedom, you have access to the whole fleet. This includes over 2000 boats, all different types, all over the world.  Boating in Michigan is a seasonal luxury we all enjoy, you deserve access to boating all year long.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
The beauty of boat club membership is the ability to reserve a different boat every time you decide to go out. We currently have 10 local boats to choose from for your family and friends to enjoy, and our fleet is always growing. We have boats for fishing, all watersports including tubing, boats to bring the whole family out for a leisurely evening cruise, and more! No matter which boat you choose it will be ready for you to take out and enjoy.  Take that list of ownership duties: trailering, cleaning, fueling, covering, maintenance, storage, insurance and all the time spent on those tasks, and throw it away. We take care of it all. That is boating made simple and hassle free!

Boat Membership in Michigan
Living in Michigan during the summer is a dream unto itself. Our sun drenched, weather makes boating an ideal activity! The beauty of being a #miBoatClub member is your season never ends! Your low monthly dues enable you to enjoy the 175 other Freedom Boat Clubs, so you can be right in the action no matter the time of year, your reservations are welcome everywhere!

We Teach You All You Need To Know
No experience necessary!  We know boats here at Freedom Boat Club, and are here to help. One of our unique perks is our unlimited training. We educate our members on how to drive any boat in our fleet safely and with confidence. We will teach you how to navigate, how to watch for other boaters, and how to make the most out of your membership. If you have any questions about what to do, where to go, or how to best run your boat, don’t hesitate to ask. Our wealth of knowledge is at your service and included in all memberships. We can’t wait for you to have some serious fun with us!

What Are You Waiting For?
If you’ve been wanting to buy a boat to get the most out of your Michigan summers, call today and check us out. Join Freedom Boat Club and enjoy all the fun of boating without any of the hassle or responsibilities of boat ownership. Have fun on a fleet of boats no matter when the fancy strikes. Learn more about your lake, and call today to learn what kind of fun you can get into!

Call Rob 616-402-0317, at Freedom Boat Club of West Michigan anytime to...
• See the fleet

• See the reservation system

• Figure out which of the 4 membership plans is best for you!


Walk the Dock the Freedom Boat Club of West Michigan Dock!

Walk the Dock with Drew Goss of Freedom Boat Club West Michigan and learn more about the boats on our docks!


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