Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli

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Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli

38240 Michigan Ave.
Beaver Island, MI 49782
Regions: North
Phone: (231) 448-2736
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Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli opened in 1997. It began before that with the retirement of the well known island baker, Joy Green, who also happens to be the McDonough brothers' aunt. Her bakery equipment was purchased and installed in the back room at McDonough's Market while the planning and building process took place. John Fiegan was our first baker and provided the store with fresh baked donuts, rolls and breads. With the guidance and expertise from Suzie Bonadeo, the doors to Dalwhinnie opened in the spring of 1997 and the bakery began operation there. In addition to the fresh donuts, pastries and breads, lunches were served as well as cappuccinos and lattes, deli salads, and ice cream.Today, Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli serves breakfast and lunch along with delicious pastries and donuts, fresh breads, specialty coffee, and many other gastronomic delights.

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