Country Winds Farm & Creamery

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Country Winds Farm & Creamery

4711 64th Ave.
Zeeland, MI 49464
United States
Regions: Central
Phone: (616) 875-8732
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We are a farmstead Grade A goat dairy operation. This means we are family owned and we do it all right here on our farm. Nothing is shipped out or in unless it is from our farm. We raise everything organic and natural. Compost our own manure for fertilizer. We have 6 rotated pastures for our animals to graze. No drugs, hormones, chemicals, or vaccinations. The farm breeds, raises, milks, etc. the goats. When the milk is cold in the bulk tank it is then use to drink or make cheese. The milk is that fresh. The Goat Share program is design for people to get fresh raw goat milk for their health and needs. Our Creamery makes all our goat cheeses for your personal enjoyment, stores, restaurants, and distributors. You can see it all done right here and enjoy the animals. Kids season is always Spring.

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