1st Micro Greenery

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1st Micro Greenery

433 Broadway Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
United States
Regions: Central
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At this home, one hundred and twenty five years ago, they shared their garden with their neighbors, as today we are sharing our garden with the local neighborhood. 1st Micro Greenery is a family owned, urban farm, located in the middle of the “Circuit West District” at the corner of First and Broadway NW. By implementing sustainable and renewal energy resources, we are hyper-local and growing the freshest microgreens. We provide super nutritious greens to the local community. We offer a spicy radish mix, sunflowers and wheatgrass. We also grow to order for: special tastes, special textures, special events, specific needs and specific plants (food with specific medicinal value). The plants are raised in a climate controlled environment using Purified water, organic plant fiber and the ultimate LED lighting. We don’t use pesticides, herbicides, nutrients, or process them in any way. These plants are as pure as it gets and alive! Let us grow some food for you.

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