Mac Woods Dune Rides in Silver Lake Now Open for Summer!

PICT0160Back in 1930, Mac Wood, a summer resort manager, slapped a couple of over-sized tires on a Model T Ford and headed into the sand dunes along Silver Lake near Mears, Michigan. The result, Mac’s first dune scooter was born.

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes cover an area 3 ½ miles long and 1 ½ miles wide – some 2000 acres of Michigan’s most unique and beautiful dunes. Located between Lake Michigan and Silver Lake, the huge windswept open-sand mountains are actually moving one grain at a time.

At Mac Wood’s Dune Rides you can enjoy the dunes firsthand, riding with a driver who understands the history and environment of these constantly changing sand mountains. This entire region is part of the Silver Lake State Park and is preserved by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

A Mac Wood’s Dune Ride is a thrilling experience. Passengers will climb to the summit of the dunes and see in all directions a vast panorama. The scooter then glides down the dunes into valleys, past sparkling Silver Lake and then stops at Lake Michigan’s lovely beach. From the cool lake breeze to the warmth of the desert-sand, the trail leads along a ridge where the driver pauses to talk about the wildlife oasis far below.

The tour is a safe, fun-filled seven-mile ride lasting about 40 minutes. The scooters accommodate 20 passengers and resemble a cross between dune buggies and minibuses.

DPC00830In addition, Mac Wood’s caters to tour groups, camps, churches, scouts and many school groups. Our staff is happy to accommodate your group. We take all ages and visitors come back year after year to enjoy these beautiful sand dune mountains.

Mac Wood’s have been giving dune rides for 86 years. This family owned and operated business is now managed by third and fourth generation family members.
Stop in and see our “Mini Mac Wood Museum” with a large variety of old photos, signs, memorabilia and 3 of the old cars. Also, visit our gift shop for all your Silver Lake and Mac Wood’s souvenirs.

Come in any time – no reservations. Open daily, weather permitting, from early May through early October. For more information, go to