LowellArts Featured Artist Series: Connecting You with the People Behind the Music

LowellArts announces that Roger MacNaughton will be the Featured Artist of the Month for March.

The 2020 release of Roger MacNaughton’s latest project “Mackinac, I’ve Come Home” is a stunning collection of songs composed on Mackinac Island during a two week artist-in-residence program he was awarded in 2019. Asked about his time on the island he says, “I took in the sights, sounds, and smells of the place for two weeks, and decided to catalog the pieces written during that time with an album.” The result is a beautifully poignant portrait of timelessness, befitting an island that still looks exactly as it did as the backdrop of the period film “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeves (1980).

Learn more about Roger MacNaughton’s career as a musician in West Michigan and his additional 11 albums with an in-depth article and live-recorded interview on the LowellArts website, This content will be available to the public on March 1st.

About the LowellArts Featured Artist Series

LowellArts launched the Featured Artist of the Month program in February of 2021. The series offers audiences a personal, insiders view into the current music scene from the perspective of West Michigan’s talented performers. The program features one artist each month on the LowellArts website with an in depth live-recorded video interview with the artist, an artist profile, and links to past performances. The LowellArts Music Committee created this program as a way to support the local music community during the pandemic and beyond. Designed to further the LowellArts mission of connecting artists and audiences, this series gives West Michigan listeners a chance to meet the people behind the music who have performed at LowellArts events.