LowellArts Featured Artist of the Month for October 2021: FlyLiteGemini

LowellArts announces FlyLiteGemini is the Featured Artist of the Month for October.

FlyLiteGemini draws their inspiration from some of the world’s greatest rock n’ roll bands, mixing pop sensibilities with spur-of-the-moment musical creations to form their own Alternative Folk/Blues Rock sound. Band members include Joe Chamberlin on guitar, Sam Rice on drums, Dan Hildebrandt on bass guitar, and Nate Karnes on keyboards. FlyLiteGemini currently has two albums, Bigger on the Inside (2019) and FlyLiteGemini (2017), with a third album titled Time & Space set to release in 2022. FlyLiteGemini can also be heard live at the LowellArts Gallery Concert on October 2, 2021.

Learn more about FlyLiteGemini and their albums with an in-depth article and live-recorded interview on the LowellArts website,

About the LowellArts Featured Artist Series
LowellArts launched the Featured Artist of the Month program in February of 2021. The series offers audiences a personal, insiders view into the current music scene from the perspective of West Michigan’s talented performers. The program features one artist each month on the LowellArts website with an in depth live-recorded video interview with the artist, an artist profile, and images of past performances. The LowellArts Music Committee created this program as a way to support the local music community during the pandemic and beyond. Designed to further the LowellArts mission of connecting artists and audiences, this series gives West Michigan listeners a chance to meet the people behind the music who have performed at LowellArts events.