LowellArts Featured Artist of the Month for December 2021: Kari Lynch

LowellArts announces Kari Lynch is the Featured Artist of the Month for December.

After touring with the Alt-Country group, Kari Lynch Band, for many years, Kari Lynch is excited to share her newest solo project. She is currently recording and co-producing with friend Nathan Stone a full-length album planned to be released in early 2022. Kari has released multiple Pop/Rock singles, including Cigarettes (2021) and Monsters (2021), as well as a solo album titled Little Games (2016). While still a part of the Kari Lynch Band, Kari expresses her excitement to also explore a different creative side of herself with her solo music career.

Learn more about Kari Lynch and her albums with an in-depth article and live-recorded interview on the LowellArts website,