Legends & Lore Walking Tours at Lakeshore Museum Center

Secrets of Muskegon Assassin, Gangster, and Serial Bomber Revealed in Historic Tour

Downtown Muskegon has a lot more history than you think. In a nighttime prowl through the city streets, guests have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of a mayoral assassin, notorious gangster, and serial bomber through the Lakeshore Museum Center’s new Legends and Lore Downtown Walking Tour.

“It’s the perfect season to explore the darker side of Muskegon history,” says Jackie Huss, Program Manager at Lakeshore Museum Center. “Guests are often surprised by the legends surrounding our county. While not all of the tales are 100% true, they certainly make for a good story.”

Each tale will be recounted where the alleged events took place. Guests will also have the opportunity to view notable buildings, events, and residential homes as they explore the history of some of the most nefarious mishappenings of the city.

This one-time-only event begins at the museum on Thursday, October 8 from 5:30-7 pm. As an outdoor tour, guests should come with appropriate gear in hand, be it a sweater or an umbrella. Space is limited to 15 people and proper social distancing measures will be expected. Interested persons can purchase a ticket for $15 ($13 for museum members) on Eventbrite or inside the Museum Store.