Ironman Charity Challenge Boosts Five Non-Profit Organizations in Traverse City

Five local charities will use this year’s Ironman Triathlon to not only challenge their fitness, but to also challenge their fundraising ability. The organizations have been invited by Traverse City Tourism to participate in the Ironman Charity Challenge that will be held in Frankfort on September 12th.

Teams will not only participate in the race, but will also raise money for the following causes:

  • Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital
  • Friends of the Betsie Valley Trail
  • Munson Manor Hospitality House
  • Frankfort Lighthouse
  • Single MOMM

The charities had the option to have one athlete compete in the entire triathlon, or to have different athletes compete in each different leg of running, swimming or cycling. The triathlon consists of a total of 70.3 miles and includes 13.1 miles of running, 56 miles of cycling and 1.2 miles of swimming.

“These groups provide a vital service to the fabric of our community,“ said Trevor Tkach (Tah-koch), President of Traverse City Tourism. “We hope this athletic competition will not only give them an opportunity to tell people their story, but will challenge the community to financially support them.”

Paul Oliver will work as a team with Adrienne Stephen Jones in the running segment, Michelle Russell on the cycle and Dr. Nancy Smith doing the swimming event. Munson Manor Hospitality House will also have a team of three with Justin Mortier, Jason Crum and Dan Spalla competing. The other charities will have one person compete in the entire triathlon. Frederik Stig-Nelsen will compete for the Friends of the Betsie Valley Trail. Ross Hammersley is the triathlete for the Frankfort Lighthouse. While Patrick McIntyre competes for Single MOMM.

Online donations and more information is available at

“Ironman is a high caliber, quality competition that attracts participants from around the world,” said Tkach. “It allows us to showcase everything the Traverse City region has to offer, and helps promote a healthy lifestyle.”