Hackley & Hume Historic Site Brings Back All Access Tours to Allow Visitors an Exclusive Look Inside

Muskegon, MI —  The Hackley and Hume Houses are offering a special look
inside their Victorian-era homes. In a special All Access Tour, the Hackley and Hume Historic Sites of
the Lakeshore Museum Center open its doors—and attics—to the public.

The tour will be available June 9 and September 8, 2023, from 7-8:30 p.m.

In this All Access Tour, visitors will get to experience the basements, porches, attics, and countless
other spaces the general tour does not include. This immersive experience in the historic sites allows
visitors to listen to unique Hackley and Hume stories, hear all about new research discoveries, and
find out about new projects to restore the homes.

Upon arrival, check-in is located at the City Barn (carriage house). The City Barn is conveniently
located between the Hackley and Hume Houses. Parking is available on Webster Ave and 6th Street
free of charge. These spectacular tours will be available once a month June through September.
The Hackley and Hume Houses, built in the late 1880s, give modern spectators a look into the art,
decor, and lifestyle of the Hackley and Hume families. Both successful lumber barons and well-known
citizens of their time, the historic site gives Muskegon residents a look into a local wealthy family after
the lumbering era.

The houses were designed by architect David S. Hopkins for Charles H. Hackley and Thomas Hume
and their respective families. Since then, the house has been restored to its original 1890s

The All Access Tour is an exclusive experience and space is limited, so purchase your tickets for this
incredible experience now. Admission price is $20 for non-members and $15 for members of the
Lakeshore Museum Center. Tickets are available for purchase online at

For more information about the All Access Tours or other events by the Lakeshore Museum
Center, call (231) 722-7578 or visit our website.