Fenn Valley New Release Wine & Food Pairings are Back

Spring is full of anticipation and excitement around Fenn Valley, perhaps even more than normal. Not only are we wrapping up the winter pruning work just in time for the warmth of spring (hopefully!) but we are also showcasing some of our newest wines as part of an annual tradition in Fennville.

New Release Weekends are one of the most unique and fun things we do each year. And after 2020, we are thrilled to begin safely welcoming people back to the estate. Guests will be among the first to try wines to be released throughout 2021. As in years past we will be pairing the wines with specially designed food samples to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding successful pairings.

Without question, the global pandemic has led to some significant modifications to New Release. These modifications have been carefully crafted to maximize guest safety while still showcasing the wine and food pairings in a relaxing and informative atmosphere. Some highlights of our procedures include…

▪ All wine and food will be served in flights to minimize unnecessary interaction
▪ Winemaking and other senior staff will come around to answer questions, but will respect each group’s comfort level with in-person interaction and adjust accordingly
▪ Serviceware (glasses and plating) will be made of single use compostable material
▪ Tables will be spaced a minimum of 10′ apart, with overall capacity limited to less than 50%
▪ Groups will be limited to 6 people or less
▪ The vast majority of our staff will be fully vaccinated
▪ Guests can cancel at any time, for any reason, for a 100% refund.
The cost is only $10/person. This includes 6 wine samples, food samples and gratuity. You can even purchase the wines ahead of the general public at a savings of up to 30%!

New Release Wine and Food Pairings take place on April 23-25 and April 30 – May 2. The average experience lasts about 1 hour. Guests self-pace, which adds to the relaxation and enjoyment. Reservations are required.

2021 New Release Wines
▪ Pinot Grigio 2020
▪ Cabaret Rose 2020
▪ Dry Riesling 2020
▪ Chambourcin 2020
▪ Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
▪ Select Harvest Vignoles 2020

Learn more and make a reservation online. We hope to see you there!

For those unable to attend New Release tastings, we have created special take-home kits to allow you enjoy both the wine and custom food pairings in a private setting. Each pack includes the following…

▪ One bottle of each New Release wine
▪ Individually packaged carry-out food samples (each kit includes service for 2 people)
▪ Access to exclusive discounts only available to New Release customers
▪ Detailed descriptions of all the wines including technical data
▪ Recipes for all food featured in the pairings

In order to ensure the best possible guest experience, there are a limited number of kits available per day. Kits may be picked up anytime between 12pm and 5pm on the date chosen. Reserve your kit online.