Experience Winter with River Saint Joe’s “River Rocks”

Southwest Michigan’s unique farmstead brewery, River Saint Joe, is offering their fun shuffleboard on ice game again this winter. The game, called “River Rocks” utilizes curling stones which players send down 50’ x 8’ lanes of ice with brooms. River Saint Joe is located on the 180-acre Flatwater Farms, which grows hops for the beer and food for the restaurant.

“Southwest Michigan is beautiful in all four seasons. River Rocks provides an opportunity for friends and family to get outdoors and embrace the cold. If you dress warmly, it’s a really nice way to spend time outdoors and be active while taking in the beautiful scenery, ” says Brian Dougherty, CEO of River Saint Joe. He adds that “Midwesterners can handle the cold. We’re all about celebrating the seasons here at RSJ and enjoying the land year-around.”

To play, guests can book a line by visiting River Saint Joe’s website. The lanes are kept frozen with a chiller, so even if the day is warmer than expected, River Rocks should continue. In addition to offering affordable and family friendly outdoor games, River Saint Joe serves organic farmstead brews and farm-to table fare. If you’re still feeling shy about dining indoors, their 3-acre beer garden offers 7 fire pits and canopied tables with propane heaters under them to keep you nice and toasty. Get in touch with your inner child while playing River Rocks, enliven your taste buds, and enjoy the beautiful views of Flatwater Farms while on the property.

River Saint Joe is also planning to host a round robin tournament on their 3 River Rocks lanes in February. Stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information and to sign up!