Consumer’s Energy’s “Our Town” Promotion Launched with The Wayland Area Chamber of Commerce

The Wayland Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the very generous “Our Town” partnership with Consumers Energy that will help both our chamber members as well as our community and residents. To assist in this challenging time, Consumers Energy is helping our community members stretch their dollars while also supporting small businesses and their employees in Michigan. Consumers Energy is providing a dollar-for-dollar match for gift cards/certificates purchased through participating members of local chambers of commerce.

The “Our Town” gift card promotion will double the amount shoppers can spend in communities across Michigan. Example: Buy a $25 gift card and receive an additional $25 gift card to spend. Our community graciously received $6,000, which was spread among the 20 chamber members who elected to participate.

Lauren Youngdahl Snyder, Consumers Energy’s Vice President of Customer Experience stated, “Small businesses are the backbone of the communities we serve, and every community has seen those businesses feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Youngdahl Snyder continued, “With ‘Our Town,’ we want to end the year by spreading cheer. We are putting dollars directly into shoppers’ hands to help them stretch their budgets and give a boost to shops and restaurants in their hometowns.”

The Wayland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to offer our sincerest thanks to Consumer’s Energy. Providing the chamber with $6,000 to match gift card purchases, will be a great boost to the amazing chamber members who have endured many hardships during 2020.