Calling Women Artists!

The afterglow of the Stay Safe Face Mask Project and Exhibit inspires the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts to continue engaging local and regional artists. Lynn Williams and Mary Wahr will curate the next show, an all-woman art show titled SOUL SISTERS.

“A soul sister is someone who accepts you – all of you. Let’s be united in our art” is the theme of the show. Mary Wahr explains how she and Lynn landed at the title of the show. “The concept and title for this exhibit were meant to celebrate ‘Women of a Certain Age.’ Immediately, we realized the need to expand our scope. We landed on an art exhibit for all women of all ages, talents, and medium. The search for a new title that captures all of those elements ensued.”

“During lockdowns and separation from family, a lot of people found comfort in creating. Women were no exception. After all, creativity is nourishment for the soul,” adds Lynn Williams. “Women took on new hobbies, honed their skills for old ones, and invented new unique ones. They soothed their souls by sharing their creative experiences. This show is a call out to all women of any age who have a creative soul and would like to share their inspiration with the community. Through the arts, we can all be Soul Sisters.”

The Ramsdell is currently accepting entries are by anyone who identifies as a woman. Entries are due March 5, 2021. Up to two pieces of art can be submitted for a $20.00 fee. The exhibit launches on March 12 and runs through April 16. More details can be found at