Bonobo Winery Releases First Vintage of Flagship Sauvignon Blanc

Bonobo Winery, a family-owned vineyard on Traverse City’s Old Mission Peninsula, is releasing its first Sauvignon Blanc made from the winery’s own grapes this week. In this first vintage, and very limited release, Bonobo Winery has grown an exquisite, dry white Bordeaux-style Sauvignon Blanc on its Northern Michigan estate. It was fermented and aged on property to display depth, complexity and texture, which is rare in Michigan wines.

The finished blend of 100 percent Sauvignon Blanc has a beautiful understated perfume of waxed lemons and fresh tangerine peel with touches of tropical notes like guava and lime. The palate is light-bodied, vibrant and remarkably fresh with a long and mineral-laced finish.

“Michigan wine is typically known for being on the sweeter side, but we’re taking a different approach at Bonobo, with a goal to help set the new standard for quality in Michigan wines,” said Todd Oosterhouse, Bonobo owner and general manager. “The complexity and depth of this Sauvignon Blanc would stand up to wines from any region of the country, and we have more releases up our sleeve this year that are similarly spectacular.”

Bonobo Sauvignon Blanc is the winery’s new flagship and the new standard bearer for exquisite Michigan wines. Sauvignon is derived from the French word for “savage” or wild, and “blanc,” or “white,” meaning that Sauvignon Blanc literally translates to “wild white.”

“As a ‘wild white,’ Bonobo Sauvignon Blanc aligns precisely with our style and method of ‘evolved, but primal wines,” added Oosterhouse.

Bonobo Winery’s vision is to bring a sense of approachability to the Michigan vine and wine scene, by removing pretenses, and allowing for an educational and enjoyable experience. Benefitting from the region’s strong fruit-bearing properties, Bonobo grapes are estate and locally grown with wine produced on-site. The 19-acre vineyard is currently growing seven grape varieties including Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Franc.

Bonobo wines are available at the vineyard as well as specialty wine shops throughout Michigan, or online at

About Bonobo

Bonobo Winery was founded by brothers and Traverse City natives, Todd and Carter Oosterhouse to offer world-class wines in a rustic, yet elegant atmosphere with a breathtaking view. Bonobo’s business model is inspired by the close harmony of the traditions, philosophies, and ecological integrities of the region, and the winery is firmly committed to the community, employing local residents and using local resources. More info at