Michigan is ranked #4 in the country in terms of local distilleries, and you’ll see why it’s such a booming industry when you stop by some on your next visit (and be sure to sample their wares!).

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A Checklist to Celebrate West Michigan Distilleries & Spirits

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PO Box 414
Traverse City, MI 49685

E-Mail Address: taste@promotemichigan.com
Region: Statewide

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20 Garland St. Suite D
Traverse City, MI 49684

E-Mail Address: mark@mammothdistilling.com
Region: North

Traverse City location
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109 N Bridge St
Bellaire, MI 49615 US

Phone: (231) 350-7102
Region: North

Craft Spirits Made in Northern MI
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4181 Main St
Bay Harbor, MI 49770 US

Phone: (231) 622-8776
E-Mail Address: bayharbor@mammothdisilling.com
Region: North

Mammoth Distilling tasting room now open in Bay Harbor!
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10983 Hills Road
Baroda, MI 49101 US

Phone: (269) 422-1617
E-Mail Address: hello@moerschhg.com
Region: South

Your roadmap to flavor town.
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