Imported Image You’ll laugh at least once. Tours Around Michigan experiences are a smile-inducing star in tourism. Its award-winning owner Candice is always researching for new unique stories. So it’s no surprise why Tours Around Michigan is included on lists of “Things To Do” in the state. In the 1840s, Candice’s family moved to West Michigan, establishing lakeshore communities. This fed her love of researching the tours she shares with guests. Whether stories are about the city, ghosts, art, the Grand River, historic homes, churches, or tastings like beer, wine, distillery & cocktails, they all have interesting histories! We had a quick chat with Candice to learn about her special sauce that inspires so many 5-star reviews.          Q: Candice, your career includes TV news producer, NPR reporter, International Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Why tourism? A: Tourism is a passion that married my love of storytelling with the detailed customer experience I developed traveling with foreign government officials. I learned to go above & beyond for clients and always think of new ways to make an experience better.  Imported Image Q; Aside from the fun you offer, what should people know about Tours Around Michigan?  A: It’s extremely important to us that people get to relax and have fun with us. That means they're not worrying whether there are stairs if they’re using a wheelchair, if they can hold hands with their queer partner, or worry about their dog in a hotel room. We’ve worked hard to be fun for all. We are LGBTQA-friendly, wheel-friendly, interpreter-friendly, and pet friendly. We really just want to be friends with everyone. Imported Image Q: What’s newest for Tours Around Michigan?   A: Our eBike Tours of Historic Ada are a lot of fun. We’re also making some of our popular private tours into public tours, like Ghost Tour Grand Rapids with tasting stops in haunted restaurants or our tour of The Grand Rapids You Didn’t Know, with quirky surprises & mishaps from downtown history. We’re also adding new ghost tours to fit in all the new hauntings we’ve discovered. We’re always researching new stories to share. So, the tour you took with us last year may be very different this year after all its updates.   Visit to see what you can book right now. If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to message Candice at or text/call 616-970-4825.